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Shaolin Related Trademarks



Throughout 1,500 years of history, Shaolin Temple has gone through many challenges and seemly insurmountable events included most recent China Cultural Revolution.  Time and time again, Shaolin survived under strong leaderships of Abbots.   


In this information and internet era, Shaolin further enounter another difficulty - identity blurring.    For various reasons, the name Shaolin and its logos have been used in areas where they are not intended to be used.  


While Shaolin Temple welcomes anyone to propogating and dissemination of Shaolin Kung Fu, Ch'an and culture, it must be done in alignment with what Shaolin Temple's belief, philosophy and practice. 


We operate with a open door philosophy.   We welcome anyone with aspiration to uphold Shaolin Culture to engage us, join us, and learn that Shaolin is not only about physical Kung Fu, but about the unity of Ch'an and Kung Fu and its way of life. 











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