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Shaolin Camping Trips

Lake Cachuma -  7/28 - 7/30

-Back to School - Last chance to camp.  

We welcome all to join.  Your friends and families.  

Great lake!  Short drive!  Easy camping!  Enjoy what the lake has to offer, or take a short drive to the near El Capitan Beach, or Arroyo Burro Beach.   Visit Solvang town, the little Danish town, and enjoy the people and the food there.  There are tons of wineries (but visit at your own peril :).  At night time, we have awesome games and watch late night movie over the campfire while roasting your favorite marshmellow or yam.    

There is no other way to end the summer.  Come join us. 

Campground: Dakota Plain, Lake Cachuma, Sata Barbara


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CALL:  (213)922-0989

Camping Trip FAQ

Q: Can I invite my friends and families who are not in Shaolin? 

A: By all means!  We welcome all.  But with limited spots, please reserve as soon as possible.  We want people to enjoy the group camping atmosphere, which sometimes are hard to find.  

Q: Do you provide transportation to the camp site? 

A: Each family or individual drives themselves.  Each party has a different schedule, and each can detour and take the side roads, and enjoy the fun side visits along the way.


Q: How long does it take to drive up there?

A: For Lake Lopez, June 9th camping, about 4.5 hours from San Gabriel Valley.

For Lake Cachuma, , July 28th camping, about 2 hours from San Gabriel valley. 

Q: What kind of toilets and showers are there?

A: For the fist trip to Lake Lopez, toilet is in a wooden shack, got hot shower.  For bathroom, you can use it locally.  For shower, you can use it locally also, or drive out to the other campsites that has better shower facilities, if you wish.  

For the second trip to Lake Cachuma, toilet and shower are in a tiled building. Pretty good.  No worries. 

Q: What do I bring?

A:  You will need to bring your own camping gears such as tent, sleeping bag, chairs, flash lights, cups, utensils, etc.  as if you are going camping yourself.  No need to bring cookware.  

Q: What does the fee include: 

A: It includes the campsite fee, parking (up to 20 vehicles, first come first serve). 2 breakfasts, 2 dinners.   No lunch, extra activities (dune buggy, Adventure park, Water park, Your lunch, fishing, boat rental, etc).

Q: What do I eat for lunch? 

A:  The camping location is full of activities.  Within about 15-30 min drive, you can reach somewhere interesting where you would want to enjoy the food there.  Once we have breakfast, you may head out to do your own things. 

Q: When do I come back to the camp site? 

A:  You don't have to leave the camp site, but if you do, come back in afternoon say around 4:00pm so you can enjoy the night and have dinner. 

Q: I want more details. 

A: We will hang out detailed map and more detailed info once all are registered. 



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