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Every 2 weeks, we gather up in a park in awesome costumes, and battle it out!  It's an epic scene!!  Come join the camp and learn Shaolin Kung FU and be a part of Shaolin battalion!!

While they have fun, we infuse history, stories, Chinese language, culture, art into the curriculum.  So they don't even know that they are learning.   Oh yeah, and they start their day by meditating and citing Heart Compassion Sutra.  They will acquire language, and culture skills and awareness while having a blast!

Session starts every 2 weeks.   Battle takes place on every 2nd Sunday 3:00pm.



Session 1: June 5th - June 16th.  (camping trip 6/9-6/11)

Session 2: June 19 - June 30th. 

Session 3: July 5th - July 14th. 

Session 4: July 17th - July 28th (camping trip 7/28 -7/30). 

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CALL:  (213)922-0989


3 Kingdoms Summer School


Q: What is the intent for doing this summer school? 

A: We truly want kids to learn about the awesome Chinese culture and language. The best way to have them absorb such knowledge is through role play and having fun while learning.

Q: Can anyone attend? 

A: Yes, anyone who is interested in Shaolin Kung Fu or Chinese Culture, or any parents who want their kids to do something different than STEM can join.  We welcome everyone.  

Q:  Is it all play, and no study? 

A:  Not really, we teach kids while they are playing.  We teach them history of battle, geography of Asia, history of the land, language, and we do also include English and Science subjects to keep them academically afresh.    We also have field trip to do ceramic pottery from clay and up, as well as teaching them meditation.  


Q:  Any physical contact during the battle re-enactment?

A: Generally yes.  We treat safety very seriously.  We will train the participants certain moves and to follow the rules during engagements. During the day of the battle, there will be volunteer parents to watch all the kids.  Training is crucial, and that's why we need to train during this summer camp.  

IF you do not want your kid to have any contact, please let us know.  We will make special arrangements. 

Q: What is the cost of the uniform and battle? 

A:  The uniform costs $50 each. One time buy, and you keep it for future events, or Holloween.   The battle Sunday costs $10 each so to cover water, fruits, snacks.  As it is on Sunday, parents are responsible for driving the kids to the designated park.  Parents will have TONS of fun too. 

Q: Is the camping trip included? 

A:  No, it is extra, but we do encourage you, as a family, go.  Camping trip usually departs on Friday.  If you do not wish to go, or can't go, there will be no day-care provided that day.    

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