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With over 1,500 years of


We have the know-how you need.

Do have what it takes to help preserve Shaolin Kung Fu? 

Become a Shaolin Warrior Instructor.  


We want to bring authentic Shaolin culture to the world, and we realize that in order to do that we must expand our team. 


About the Program

Our coaches certification program is designed for individuals or groups who are interested in learning the Shaolin way, in order to pass on our legacy. Each curriculum we’ve created can be learned efficiently and effectively in a short amount of time and is directly in line with the knowledge and skills currently being taught in Shaolin Temple. Becoming certified is a great way to increase your knowledge base and if you are a current school owner, it’s a great way to add supplementary programs to your current curriculum.


Personal Requirements

The course requires potential instructor's full effort and commitment.  Not everyone will finish the course, but once you have, you will join the ranks of instructors who who are helping preserve the Shaolin  lineage.  After completion, accredited Coaches and their students will be invited to join annual events and receive support for your own belt testing and school operations.


What would I be getting certified in?

Our coaches curriculum is broken down into two complete systems, each with three levels of certification which represent the beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. The first system is Shaolin Kung Fu, which includes basic Kung Fu movements, drills, forms, weaponry, sparring etc. The second is Shaolin Well Being (which includes, classical Shaolin methods for health preservation, meditation and philosophy. 


Shaolin Coaches curriculum points of focus

  • The levels Shaolin warrior forms, (Shaolin Official Belt System)

  • Application, weapons, sparring techniques 

  • Health exercise form, meridian and acupressure points (Chinese medicine)

  • Martial arts philosophy, Shaolin History

  • Ying Yang and eight symbols (Bagua) theory, teaching skills and meditation.

Please contact us to learn more about the program and ask any questions.


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