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For professionals who are at their desks or commuting in their vehicles all day, exercise is absolutely essential, but more than that, it’s important that we all maintain positive social connections with other adults as we age. So ask yourself… Do you need a challenge? Do you want a to transform your life? Shaolin Kung Fu is a great place to start.


Shaolin Kung Fu, is A Lifestyle. It is a way to be physically and mentally healthy inside and out. It provides ways to face life’s challenges with a balanced mind and body. Shaolin culture is a style of healthy living which celebrates the human spirit. One of the basic Shaolin beliefs is “All things but one mind” and “seeing oneself with an enlightened heart”.


Some food for thought


Our program comes from Shaolin Temple, a location in China that is considered a cradle of Chinese civilization. The temple was stablished in 495 A.D. during the Northern Wei Dynasty of China and in 517 A.D., a South Indian Buddhist monk named Bodhidharma landed in Shaolin Temple and founded the Zen Buddhism. 


Based upon the form routines, the coherence of related movements and the relationship among the form routines of Shaolin Kung Fu conform to the scientific rules of body movements, and it stresses the importance of the combination of movement and stillness, the inclusion of quickness, slowness, and breath, such as the balance between Yin and Yang, the equilibrium between toughness and softness, and the unity of man and heaven. 


To study Shaolin Kung Fu, is to study a practical and organized system of human well being that was developed alongside the wisdom of Zen Buddhist Culture. For students to gain the most out of their study, each lesson of Shaolin Kung Fu must be taught in a clear and progressive manner, a process which is reflected by Shaolin KungFu System.







I did a lot of research and determined this was probably the most legit place to learn Shaolin Kung Fu in the area. The shifus are all excellent, highly trained and very knowledgeable. The classes are balanced to challenge and improve physical, mental and energetic strength and the students come to work hard and learn. Despite the 'serious' air of the adult classes... there is a lot of support and encouragement for all ages and abilities... Class has become another group of friends for me.


Veronica C.


After studying here for ten years, I can honestly say this is The Best Kung Fu School around. It just keeps getting better and better. The Shifu (Masters) are of the highest level, and all of the classes are great. They offer Health/ Qi Gong, stretching, meditation, hard fist, weapons, and sparring. You will get a very well-rounded, and AUTHENTIC Kung Fu education here. Love it!!

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join a program that takes into account your personal well being? See the definite differences in as little as 30 days.

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