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Personalized Training to meet your goals!

Private Training: 

At Shaolin Temple Cultural Center, we offer private instruction in each discipline taught at our Master, plus individual skills that aren't typically taught in class. Contact us today to discover the best private instruction for Kung Fu and QiGongin Los Angeles!

Create a personalized training program with world class coaches.

Choose from course subjects such as:

  • Shaolin Kung Fu

  • Qi Gong / Internal Kung Fu

  • Shaolin Tradition Weapons

  • Classical Martial Arts Weapons

  • Kung Fu Sparring

  • Self-Defense

  • Wushu

  • Performance Development

  • Act Creation

  • And More!!!

Doesn't it make sense to...

join a program that takes into account your personal well being? See the definite differences in as little as 30 days.

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