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Hosted by Masters Shi Yan Xu & Philip Sahagun

Live in the Shaolin Temple,

Enjoy living in the style of a Shaolin Monk with traditional training methods, meals,

and over 1,500 years of Shaolin culture.

Join our team and create memories to last a lifetime. This summer, explore the authentic roots of Shaolin Kung Fu. Our program is a total immersion "live in" martial arts experience which includes training in a traditional martial arts academy and classes within the Shaolin Temple. Join our team and create memories to last a lifetime. Limited spots available, registration is now open.

In addition to the thrilling training provided at the Shaolin Temple, we will also travel to VisitingI Luoyang Ancient City

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training itenerary

6.13.24 - Arrival (CGO)

6.14.24 - Training Shaolin Temple

6.15.24 - Training Shaolin Temple


6.17.24 - Kung Fu Training

6.18.24 - Kung Fu Training

6.19.24 - Kung Fu Training

6.20.24 - Kung Fu Training

6.21.24 - CHENG DU


6.23.24 - Departures (CGO) - transfer

how to apply / Attend

1. Make sure you are 18 and up! If not get a family member or guardian to make the journey with you.

2. Fill out our online application.

3. We will go over your application, if you pass this phase we will send you a waiver, and link for online payment.

4. Complete your course payment and submit your waiver with a picture and photo copy of your passport.

5. Get a flight landing transfer to Zhengzhou, China (CGO) on JUNE 13th, 2024 (Check to see if you need a VISA)

6. That's it, we will see you in China!

Upon receipt of invoice payment is to be paid one month from invoice issue date. If breaking up payments, an initial deposit of $600 is required upon acceptance. Applications made 1 month or less prior to the camp start date will be subject to availability. If you are accepted, within 1 month or less, 100% payment will be required upon receipt of invoice. Applications made within this time frame do not qualify for a full refund.

travel & cost

Travel Information:

Arrival Airport - Zhengzhou (CGO)


Arrival Date - JUNE 13TH, 2024

Departure Date - JUNE 23TH, 2024

On arrival date our team will be providing shuttles from the airport (CGO) to our hotel in DengFeng at 12:00 pm. Other than that shuttle you can also make it to the hotel by Taxi. (Fear not we will give you a guide and to get from the airport to the hotel safely and effectively!) By the following day, at 10 am, we will depart for Shaolin Temple. We will starting our Camp, Training Shaolin culture for 3 days where participants will have two choices for lodging. 

Afterwards, we will depart for our training Kung Fu academy. We will stay in a traditional Kung Fu academy for 4 days where participants will have two choices for lodging.


One day prior to our departure date, we will return to our hotel.

we will also travel to Chengdu, the home of the Research Base for Giant Panda Breeding. We'll spend time observing, and interacting with the Pandas

On departure day, our adventure will come to an end. Participants of our SHAOLIN JOURNEY CAMP will be provided transportation from our Zhengzhou (CGO) INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT June 23th, 2024.


Program Cost

Package 1:   $2,800 USD Living inside the Camp (payment completed prior to May 1st)

Package 2:   $2,300 USD Upgraded Accommodations (payment completed prior to May 1st)

Late Registration:    $300 USD (For any application placed from May 1st till start date.)



What is Included in this trip?

-Welcoming Dinner

-Flexible training program with possibilities

-for selective study.

-Shaolin Kung Fu Uniform

-Guided tour of the Shaolin Temple

-Training with the Shaolin Master

-English Translators

-Photos and videos taken of Training

-All ground transportation within China Accommodations within China

-Tourism to Historic Sites

-Commemorative Gifts + Certificate

-Shuttle bus to and from the airport Breakfast at Hotel

-Lunch for all Training Packages

-Lunch on selected days for Tourist Packages

Not Included in the price
- Airline tickets to China (Zhengzhou CGO)
- Travelers Insurance
- Chinese Visa
- Personal Shopping

The Shaolin Legends Camp was a remarkable experience. As a teenager I always wanted to train in the Shaolin Temple. Thanks to Philip Sahagun he made it happen. I was impressed with meeting other members in the camp and made friendship which impacted me. The journey is all worth it at the very end.

Ready to be inspired?

I believe 90% of progress starts by adjusting your mindset and a large part of that adjustment comes from who you train with. For this event I've pulled some strings to create a total immersion "live in" martial arts experience in the heart of China. Our focus? To elevate and ignite your personal progress while exploring the art of Kung Fu. Now, no one said this is going to be a cake walk. In this program each day is all in, and it's led by a world class team. In our first year we had over 200 people apply and hand selected each group to make journey. Thinking about joining us? You won't be disappointed.


Philip Sahagun

Shaolin Legends Camp Host / Cirque Du Soleil Artist

What does the 

program include?

- Train Kung Fu six to eight hours per day

- Health Exercise, Traditional Forms

- Martial Arts Philosophy

- Guided tour & training in Shaolin Temple


The trip was a martial arts enthusiasts dream, a great experience. So much fun, and culturally immersive. That being said it was physically, mentally, and emotionally demanding, but that is what made it the grand encounter in a foreign land that it was. One thing to highlight was our time at Shaolin Temple, seen in a totally different light than the average visitor. Definitely bucket list material.


Spending time doing hard work, honing our skills, learning the philosphy behind the movement, and a little sightseeing made this an incredbily valuable trip. And one I will not soon forget. I'm looking forward to more growth opportunities from Kung Fu Heroes!


 I have always dreamed about visiting this spiritual place one day. I felt like I was visiting a historical time era. In this warrior uniform, I roamed through a magical place, filled with positivity and happiness, which was an cleansing feeling I was longing for my soul. Practicing the ancient art at the well known Shaolin Luohan School alongside the monks and my newly met friends was definitely an eye catching experience for all of us. If i could go back to this place, I would do it anytime! Thanks for everything Philip!



Thank you for making my boyhood dreams come true. The other BESTEST part was going on this trip with straight up martial artists. Yes, we were all at different levels of our training, which was to be expected, but it felt like family. That was the most important part.


 Looking to write your own story? Join the distinguished ranks of our Camp attendees. It's your turn, Journey to the heart of China to explore the art of Kung Fu. 

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